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Hydrogen/oxygen welding of a custom wafer carrier.

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Here are some examples of products we can offer:
Acid Tanks, Plasma Chambers, Push Rods, Thermocouple Sheaths, Injectors, End Caps, Condensors, Bubblers, Traps, Wafer Carriers, Beakers, Diffusion Tubes, Crystal Growing Tubes,
and much, much more!

* G.E.,Amersil,Saint-Gorbain and Osram Sylvania Quartz

* Kimax, Pyrex, and Simax borosilicate tubing and rod

We can adapt each product to fit specific customer needs. Contact us with your needs and we can work with you on the product specifications.



Manufacturing Process

Diffussion Tube

We manufacture diffusion tubes and wafer carriers are made with fixtures, lathes and pecission machining. We begin by selecting the proper material for fabrication and work closely with engineers and scientists to make superior glassware.

Our custom made labware has us earned a reputation for quality.

Our repair of labware, pyrex and quartz, has saved our customers time and money.

For more information please contact us:
Phone: 1.978.667.6664
FAX: 1.978.670.5656

Omni Glass, Inc., 55 High St., N. Billerica, MA. 01862